UAA Career Services offers business clothes for students

As part of Sustainability Week, UAA will run a professional clothing drive. The purpose of this drive is to properly aid college students in obtaining jobs and careers. Interviewing is critical to obtaining a job, but imagine someone not even owning a single blazer or tie. The UAA Career Services Center is able to help those students.

The center accepts professional clothing donations, including suits, dresses, heels and dress shoes. Looking sharp is an important part of how one presents him- or herself to a prospective employer.

Jocelyn Weaver, Lead Programming Specialist and coordinator of the clothes drive, thanks all donors for their contributions to the center.

This isn’t the first time the Career Services Center has run this clothing drive. Despite this, Weaver feels the word has not gotten out yet.

“It’s gotten attention, but with this Attire for Hire event it should be more of an eye- opener for students,” she said.

All UAA students can donate their lightly worn professional clothing or receive interview-ready garments.

“You actually get docked points for not wearing the right clothes during presentations,” said UAA student Megan Stahlut.

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Stahlut has been a programming assistant at the Career Services center for two months now. She has helped setup the previous clothing drive events, which aids her fellow students.

“You really just want to be professional, but buying presentational clothes can be really expensive,” Stahlut said.

In order to properly get the word out that the professional clothes closet is available, the Career Services Center has put together a Career Clothing Fashion show. The theme of the event is to show students the do’s and don’ts of professional clothing. “A lot of college kids can be clueless with professional clothes, especially if you haven’t had an interview before,” said UAA student Kathelen Joosk.

UAA desires success for all of its students, and there are many resources available for those wanting to achieve greater things. The Career Services Center has its professional clothing closet available so no student will ever be without a sharp tie or tasteful dress.