UAA athletes start prepping for next season over spring

The busy athletic season at UAA, has wrapped up for most Seawolf athletes. Some of the college jocks have permanently concluded their college careers.

Some of then athletes forever leaving UAA include: Men’s basketball guard Drew Robinson, women’s basketball forward Nikki Aden, senior track and field and cross country running star Marko Cheseto, women’s runner Emma Bohman, gymnast Kristy Boswell, hockey forward Tommy Grant and many more unforgettable athletes. Thankfully though, 125 to 135 athletes will be returning.

These off-season months can be a challenge, with no one to push them, no coach to schedule training and no one to drive them. “The hardest part of the off season training is that you’re alone, not with the team and its hard to push yourself to the limit while working out,” said sophomore alpine skier Andreas Adde.

Adde has it figured out though. In his freshman year, this All-American downhill skier finished with 358 points and in seventh place, in RMISA standings, but improved immensely wrapping up his second season with the ‘Wolves in fifth place with 392 points in the standings.

Not all athletes plan their own workouts however, “We give the girls workouts, big thick packets, but we are not allowed by NCAA rules to have a practice, direct them in a weight room or on the court,” said UAA Head Volleyball Coach Chris Green.

“So we hope they are following the workout plan and are ready to go in August.”

Junior Kelsey Fullerton, a native of Flower Mound, Texas, has a similar issue but added, “Also the warm Texas weather makes it hard to be inside training. During the summer I would much rather be outside in my pool.”

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Adde, of Osteras Norway, is just running and working on strengthening his entire body, but this will change when the semester ends with a harder more focused work out. “When I get home, I’ll start off doing a lot of cardio, and then strength, and then balance and coordination.” Adde said.

Fullerton has a little different plan of attack for the off-season.

“For summer training I usually go home to Texas and train at my club gym, Texas Dream,” Fullerton said, “They have gymnastics equipment I can practice my skills, as well as other workout equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and free weights that I can use to stay in shape.”

All the hard work is to prepare for the fall so she can be ready to go for her final season with the ‘Wolves, according to Fullerton.

Of course, the off-season has perks too. “The best part of the off-season workout is balance, just walking around on a slack-line out in the sun,” said Adde, “By far the best part.”

According to Fullerton, the freedom to choose when they want to train is by far the best part.

“I can make time for friends and family, and enjoy my time at home that way.” Fullerton said.

Athletes aren’t the only people preparing for another stellar season of UAA athletics. Coaches are required to recruit, plan practices, and prepare for the 2011 season.

“At this point we are recruiting for 2012, hopefully we are done with 2011.” Green said.

This never-ending cycle requires dedication, time and drive. Athletes are forced to prove their perseverance and loyalty to their sports, far from their home turfs.

Their efforts will be apparent when the first whistles blow and the 2012 season kicks off.