UA Update: Chancellor Sandeen releases expedited program review recommendations

UAA’s expedited program review continues to be an ongoing process. The latest recommendations for revision, continuation, enhancement, suspension, continued review and deletion of majors and programs was made by Chancellor Cathy Sandeen. Based on the decisions from the deans and provosts of each college, Chancellor Sandeen released her recommendations the week of March 23. The University of Alaska System Academic Council’s recommendations will follow the week of April 1.

Graphic by Michaeline Collins.

Each program is given one of six recommendations:

Enhancement – The program will be given additional staff or faculty and additional resources.

Continuation – The program will continue without any changes.

Revision – Changes may be made to the program, but it will continue.

Continued Review – Specific issues identified during review will be resolved, and then the program will be reviewed again.

Suspension – New students will no longer be accepted into the program.

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Deletion – Students who are currently enrolled in the program will be assisted in completing their major or certificate within a designated time period, and then the program will be discontinued.

“The University of Alaska Anchorage is a strong and vibrant institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU),” according to the UAA website’s Expedited Program Review Status article. “UAA is dedicated to serving the needs of our students and the state of Alaska, and we are committed to providing our students [with] the highest quality academic programs and student support services.”

Sandeen’s recommendations are as follows:


Accounting (AAS) – Continued Review

Accounting (BBA) – Enhancement

Air Traffic Control (AAS) – Continued Review

Alutiiq Language (OEC) – Continuation

Anthropology (BA-BS)    – Continuation

Anthropology (MA) – Continued Review

Applied Geological Sciences (MS) – Continued Review

Applied Technologies Leadership (BS) – Continued Review

Architectural and Engineering Tech (AAS) – Continued Review

Art (BA) – Continuation

Art (BFA) – Revision

Automotive Tech (UC-AAS) – Continuation

Aviation Administration (AAS) -Deletion

Aviation Maint Tech (UC-AAS) – Continuation

Aviation Tech (BS) – Continuation

Biological Sciences (BA-BS) – Continuation

Biological Sciences (MS) – Revision

Business Comp Info Systems (AAS) -Revision

Chemistry (BS)    – Continuation

Children’s Mental Health (GC) – Revision

Civic Engagement (UC) – Deletion

Civil Engineering (BS) – Continuation

Civil Engineering (MS) – Continuation

Clinical Psychology (MS) -Revision

Clinical-Community Psychology (PhD) – Continuation

Comp Net Tech, Comp Syst Tech (AAS), Cisco Net Assoc (OEC) – Continued Review

Comp Science (BA-BS) – Continuation

Comp Systems Engineering (BS) – Continued Review

Construction Mgmt (AAS-BS) – Continuation

Corrections (OEC-UC) – Revision

Creative Writing and Literary Arts (MFA) – Deletion

Culinary Arts (AAS) – Continued Review

Dental Assisting (UC-AAS) – Continued Review

Dental Hygiene (BS) –Continuation

Diesel Power Technology (UC-AAS) – Continued Review

Dietetics (BS) – Continuation

Dietetics and Nutrition (GC-MS) – Continuation

Early Childhood Development (AAS) – Continuation

Early Childhood Special Education (MED) – Deletion

Economics (BA) – Continuation

Economics (BBA) – Continuation

Ed Leadership (GC-MED) – Continuation

Electrical Engineering (BS) – Continuation

English (BA) – Continued Review

English (MA) – Deletion

Environment and Society (BS) – Deletion

Finance (BBA) – Continuation

Fire and Emergency Svcs Tech (AAS) – Continuation

General Business (AAS) – Continued Review

General Management (MBA) – Revision

General Program (AA) – Continuation

Geological Sciences (BS) – Continuation

Geomatics (AAS-BS) – Temporary Suspension

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt (BBA) – Continued Review

Global Supply Chain Mgmt (MS) – Continued Review

Health Sciences (BS) – Continuation

History (BA) – Continuation

Hospitality Administration (BA) – Deletion

Human Services (AAS-BHS) – Continuation

Human Services (Children’s Behavioral Health OEC, Conflict Resolution OEC) – Continued Review

Indust Process Instr, Process Tech (AAS), Petro Tech (UC) – Continuation

International Studies (BA) – Continuation

Journalism and Public Comm (BA) – Revision

Justice (BA) – Continued Review

Language Education (GC) – Continuation

Languages (BA) – Revision

Legal Studies (AAS-BA-PBCT) – Continuation

Legal Studies (Legal Nurse Consultant Paralegal UC) – Deletion

Logistics and Supply Chain Ops (AAS) -Deletion

Logistics and Supply Chain Ops (OEC) -Deletion

Logistics and Supply Chain Ops (UC) -Deletion

Management (BBA) – Continuation

Management Information Systems (BBA) -Deletion

Marketing (BBA) – Continuation

Mathematics (BA-BS) – Continuation

Mechanical Engineering (BS-MS) – Continued Review

Medical Lab Science (AAS-BS) & Phlebotomist (OEC)    – Continued Review

Medical Office Coding (OEC) & Medical Assisting (AAS) – Continuation

Millwright (OEC) – Continued Review

Music (BA) – Continued Review

Music (BM) – Continued Review

Natural Sciences (BS) – Continued Review

Nursing (AAS-BS) – Enhancement

Nursing (DNP) – Continued Review

Nursing (GC-MS) – Continued Review

Occupational Safety and Health (AAS-BS) – Continuation

Office Foundations and Support (OEC) -Deletion

Outdoor Leadership (AAS) – Continuation

Paramedical Technology (AAS) – Continuation

Pharmacy Technology (OEC)    Continuation

Philosophy (BA) – Continued Review

Physical Education (BS) – Continuation

Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS) – Continuation

Political Science (BA) – Continued Review

Professional Piloting (AAS) – Continued Review

Project Management (MS) – Continued Review

Psychology (BA-BS) – Continuation

Public Administration (MPA) – Revision

Public Health Practice (MPH) – Continued Review

Radiologic Tech (Diagnostic Med Sonography AAS) – Revision

Radiologic Tech (Limited Radiography OEC) -Deletion

Radiologic Tech (Radiologic Tech AAS) – Continuation

Refrigeration and Heating (OEC-UC-AAS) – Continued Review

Social Work (BSW) – Continuation

Social Work (MSW) – Enhancement

Sociology (BA-BS) – Deletion

Special Education (GC-MED) – Continuation

Speech-Language Pathology (PBCT) – Continuation

Surgical Technology (AAS) – Continuation

Teaching and Learning (MED) – Continuation

Technology (AAS) – Revision

Theatre (BA) – Deletion

Veterinary Assisting (OEC) – Continuation

Welding and Nondestructive Testing (AAS) -Deletion

Welding and Nondestructive Testing (OEC-UC) – Continued Review

“I firmly believe in UAA’s mission, and I am committed to creating a certain and bright future for this university,” Sandeen said in an article on the UAA website.

For more information and updates on the expedited program review process, visit the Expedited Program Review Status article or the AY20 Expedited Academic Program Review article, both on the UAA website.