UA system seeks to align all campus calendars into one common calendar

University of Alaska officials are working to align the Anchorage, Fairbanks and Southeast campus calendars. In April 2014, the Board of Regents passed a policy to align all UA campus calendars.

Student Regent Courtney Enright says the Common Calendar Advisory Task Force has been working on this project since last year and has identified several areas for alignment.

“These eight areas for alignment include term start dates, add/drop dates for class, fee payment due date, withdrawal date, term end date, finals week, spring break and course blocks,” she said.

The Common Calendar Advisory Task Force has outlined the challenges of each component for the new committee that will take over in the next year.

“The calendar will begin alignment of withdrawal dates in spring 2016 — otherwise all other aspects of calendar alignment will occur in fall 2016, aka, calendar year 2017,” Enright said.

However, there is controversy concerning the time of calendar implementation. The task force has been guided by a memo from UA President Pat Gamble, which called for a fall 2016 implementation. Despite this, some regents and university leadership believe that fall 2015 is when the common calendar should start.

Michelle Saport, a communications assistant for UAA Advancement, is confident the process is progressing in a timely fashion.

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“This is still happening, and it looks like it is on track,” Saport said.

UAA currently has spring break one week before UAS and UAF. Task force members say there was no initial support to align this break, but now they are working hard to make it happen. The move would require engagement by the entire university community.

Barbara A. Hegel, registrar and director of admissions at UAS, feels positive about the proposed alignment.

“I’ve been working here since 2002. One of my goals as an employee is to see things more aligned,” Hegel said. “I think this will be really good and help students maneuver the system better. I feel very positive about it.”

The alignments for a new universal calendar will take place within the next two years.