Turquoise is the new black

When it comes to the start of a band’s career, it is apparent that Turquoise Boy, a three-piece band from Anchorage, Alaska, has been anything but conventional. Derek Mangrobang, Winston Montecillo and Adam Waldron began Turquoise Boy nearly six years ago, and have been on an upward climb ever since. They have opened for well-known bands such as Imagine Dragons, Portugal. The Man, Mutemath, Capital Cities and more ever since the rise of their popularity as Turquoise Boy.


It is quite out of the ordinary for a band of six years to have not yet officially released an album, let alone one with a roster as decorated as theirs. When asked about the release of the much anticipated album, titled 24 Hours A Night, both Mangrobang and Montecillo agreed that it was more a compilation of songs that have been around for a while mixed with a few new tracks.

“We just finally decided to record all of the songs we’ve been playing and make an album out of it,” Mangrobang said.

The first two tracks on the record, titled “Call the Cops” andBest Summer Ever” are the two new songs that were written and recorded specifically for the album. These two songs are a great kick off to the record, and are sure to be definite crowd-pleasers. The unique indie sound that Turquoise Boy has captured and turned into a melody of their own is heard loud and clear in these tracks, which is exactly why those are the two songs Mangrobang and Montecillo say they are most proud of.

Listening further into the album, Turquoise Boy illustrates their ability to play music of all varieties. While you think you’re going steady down one road listening to their indie-rock styled songs, they take you in a whole separate direction with tracks like “Country,” a ballad stripped down with only guitar and vocals.

“We all listen to indie music, punk music and are rooted out of classic rock,” Mangrobang said.

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This is what makes this record stand out; not necessarily because of its focal point on one sound, but instead the wide range of music that the three are capable of making.

As for future plans, both Mangrobang and Montecillo agreed that they plan on touring in the continental United States, and soon.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on a really energetic show, we like to be expressive with each song we play,” Winston said.

While their album release show on August 20 at Williwaw was the first time Turquoise Boy played their songs as a cohesive album, there is no doubt it will be anywhere near their last.