Trevor Hall’s self-titled album uplifts the weary spirit

Trevor HallALBUM: “Trevor Hall”

ARTIST: Trevor Hall

RECORD LABEL: Vanguard Records

Trevor Hall’s self-titled album is a good album to just chill out to, with its easy lyrics and reggae instrumentals.

Hall has been writing and performing music from a young age. He signed his first record deal, with Geffen Records, when he was still in high school. His self-titled album (which features a picture of him on the cover that makes Hall look like a Kurt Cobain doppelganger) contains material that seems to come from a deep and thoughtful place.

For example, the song “Who You Gonna Turn To,” is about giving love to Zion. “Unity” is an amazing send up of where one can go if one just gets connected to the world around him or her.

For someone so young (Hall is in his early twenties), Hall has seems to have come across something so wholesome and natural for him to sing about, and he conveys such a deep conviction, that a listener can’t help but get blown away in his complexity.

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Surprisingly, for a man that is so connected, he does not have what makes all artists like him so successful: sorrow and grief.

However, an album that is so uplifting with its message rarely comes along in this day and age. Trevor’s deep and thoughtful lyrics are delivered in such a way that makes one think that he is singing with eyes closed in thought.