This year’s Winterfest kicks off with Paint Night

The painting that will be instructed at Paint Night

Student Activities and Commuter Programs have collaborated with Arctic Crown Canvas to host Paint Night to start off Winterfest. Arctic Crown Canvas has been instructing paint nights all over town and Anchorage residents have been loving it. This will be the third paint night hosted at UAA and seats always fill up quickly. This event is $5 for UAA students taking six or more credits with a valid ID and $25 for the general public.

“We decided to host Paint Night again because we have had great feedback from students that they enjoyed the past events and would like to see it more often,” Kris Morse, applied technologies leadership major and Commuter Programs manager, said.

Paint Night is an event where individuals can come in and bond with friends while following an instructor’s step-by-step painting methods.

“It’s a night where you come and learn how to paint an awesome picture, there is a painting teacher who walks you through all the steps,” Madison Gregory, communications and advertising major and Paint Night lead, said. “It’s a social painting night, come out with all your friends.”

The last paint night at UAA had a huge turnout and many students had a fun experience painting with friends and enjoying the refreshments.

“At the UAA paint night, I enjoyed getting together with my friends and messing around with paint. The food was delicious and it was a very family friendly environment,” Melissa Kapelari, fine arts major, said. “The only thing I could suggest is that this class was definitely a beginner class so it was way too simple for what I was looking for in a paint night.”

For this upcoming Paint Night, an instructor will teach attendees how to paint the northern lights and sled dogs inspired by the Iditarod. It may sound complicated but with the help from the instructors, it will be an easy and fun experience for all.

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“Paint Night is a fantastic way to get people to come together and have fun. Making art to create anything whether it be a painting or a cardboard tree or a beaded necklaces can be very meditative and rewarding,” Kapelari said. “Painting can easily be done by anyone, and this is a great way to show people just how exciting and easy it can be to make a simple painting look good.”

If you are looking for an excuse to get out of the house and express your creativity, Paint Night is a great way to start. Even with little to no experience, Paint Night will guide you through and teach you techniques that you can use for future personal paintings.

“I enjoyed my experience and suggest other UAA students to go have fun and paint whether it be through UAA, or the Muse or Hard Rock Cafe and depending on what environment you’re looking for, there’s a paint night out there that will suit you,” Kapelari said. “Paint Night is a great creative way to have fun. I’d say they are more geared to beginners who have little to no experience painting but can still be a great way to hang out with friends.”

Seats fill up quickly at Paint Night events, so make sure to show up early and bring your friends. It is always exciting to take something home that you created with your own hands. Also, the painting makes a great home decoration. Channel your inner Bob Ross at Paint Night at UAA’s Student Union cafeteria on Feb. 27 at 6 p.m.