The Yeah — The Yeah

There is nothing worse than an obviously insincere “oh yeah.” And not insincere like some kind of postmodern mock-enthusiasm, I mean the legitimately insincere “oh yeah” of someone who has gotten into some ghastly project that seemed like a cute idea at the time, but has since gotten disastrously out of hand.

This is the problem with “The Yeah,” a cat-throwingly insincere kinder-pop record by “indy-boy” and “indy-girl.” They seem to want to blow everybody’s mind with their wide range of “influences” (read: samples), but throw it all together in such a completely unconvincing way as to seem trite and disposable.

While their self-congratulatory juxtaposing of “oldies” riffs with second rate sampled beats is transparent and forced, when they manage to forego the painful self-consciousness of it all, The Yeah are perfectly able to amaze through total mastery of pop sounds. They just need to stop slapping everyone in the face with what they perceive to be their cuteness.�