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Okay freshmen and recently transferred students, it’s the beginning of the school year and time to get into the groove of University of Alaska Anchorage life. You pick up a lot at orientation, or standing around in long lines at the University Center, the basics may have already been exposed, but there are little everyday things that students need to know. So here’s a handy guide.

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Eating on campus can be tricky if you have a busy course schedule, or just annoying if you’re without a vehicle. When stuck on campus property all day your choices (in ascending order) are:

  • All the basic vending machine food. Beverages and microwaves are available throughtout campus. Look for vending in the Arts Building, Business Education Building, College of Arts and Sciences Building and Building K.
  • The Campus Center Information Desk: Snacks, ice cream, lunchables and frozen meals are all available at the desk. The Campus Center is a great place to grab a bite and some study time.
  • The Corner Cafe in the Campus Center offers Kaladi Brothers coffee, herbal teas, bottles beverages, pastries, sandwiches, salads and soup. The cafe also has internet connections sites for students with lap top computers.
  • Counter Culture located on the main floor of the CAS building, is much like the Corner Cafe. But there is one feature that sets Counter Culture apart, Freshen’s smoothies.
  • The Campus Center is home to a full-service Subway as well as a Pizza Pro.
  • The Lucy Cuddy Center home of the Cuddy Marketplace offers a variety of dining options. The Cuddy features Montague’s Deli, Grille Works, Baja, Kettle Classics, Asia, Salad Garden and Java Espresso.

If you’re torn between where to go and you happen to be passing by the Cuddy, stick your head in the cafeteria to visit Lonnie Sparkman, university dining supervisor. If he asks, make sure you share your Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. After all, he is the guy making your lunch.



Grounds maintenance crews have been working long hours all summer to provide a beautiful lawn for your sleeping pleasure. How about a nice nap in the sun? Enjoy it while you still can.

The Campus Center seems to be a place of choice to catch up on some z’s. Comfy chairs and couches along the main hallway provide a good napping spot.

The spine that runs between the Business Education Building and the Wells Fargo Sports Complex is also a prime place for nappers. But if you choose to nap in this location, watch out for the children from Tanaina Child Development Center, who often use the spine as a place to run around.

Just pick a couch and go for it! We won’t draw a seawolf on your face or tie your shoelaces together. We promise.

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What to do, what to do?

Catch the buzz about events both on and off campus from:

  • KRUA 88.1 FM, the Edge UAA’s campus radio station
  • Online at
  • The Student Activities Event Hotline at 786-1000
  • The information desk in the upper hallway of the Campus Center
  • Or get the information from us, the Northern Light! Check out our weekly calendar and A&E section.


last minute study materials.

All copy machines on campus charge 10-15 cents a copy. To avoid spending all your coffee and gas money at these dime-gobbling hunks of Xerox headache, go to a computer lab and print everything for free.

Computer labs are located in…

  • the Learning Resources Center
  • the Eugene Short Building
  • the Consortium Library
  • the Campus Center
  • the Commons


But be kind, if you’re printing a lot, set the controls to print on both sides of the paper. It’s your student fees paying for the lab and that “free” paper. So make good use of it.

To use the lab computers a student must have a username and password. Call Information Technology Services at 768-4646 to get your computer login ID and student e-mail account information.

The Campus Bookstore is centrally located and full of just about every last minute need from calculators to texts, index cards to Excedrin. You can even find static guard at the bookstore.



The University Police Department patrols campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are always watching. But that doesn’t mean crime doesn’t happen. When you can’t use the buddy system call for a UPD escort. UPD can be contacted at 786-1120. Also, emergency telephones are available throughout campus.