‘The Family Man’

“The Family Man” with Nicolas Cage is a well-acted, if miscast, feel-good movie for the selfish yuppie who says “no” to family and “yes” to a lot of money. It grasps its audience and carries it right to the point where we're supposed to believe that Cage's character is happier in Diaper Land.

The problem may be as simple as the fact that Cage is no Jimmy Stewart. It was a stretch to believe that Cage was happier as a family man with a long lost girlfriend than with a zillion dollars in a mansion, grinning ear to ear with a stacked woman in a black teddy.

When daughter Annie (Makenzie Vega) accuses her daddy of being an alien who stole her real father, she wasn't off the mark. Cage spends most of the movie looking bewildered and none of it looking convinced.

Watch this movie either for a stiff saccharine shot in the arm or to see the great performances put in by Tea Leoni, (the wife/girlfriend) or guide to goodness Don Cheadle. Cage should stick to action flicks and offbeat characters and leave the down home to others. A matinee one-timer.