“The Collective” collects attention from the artistic community

Since the Student Union’s art gallery has begun it’s summer shows the art gallery team members have been working tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly with the gallery. They have set up for shows and then diligently watched over the show room every time.

After all of their hard work, the gallery team members will be taking some time this August to show off their own work for the public to see in the members-only show called, “The Collective.”

This show is featuring pieces from all of the gallery team members and holds a wide array of different artistic mediums ranging from ceramics to sketches. The opening day is July 31 with a reception form 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and the show runs to August 14.

The art gallery team members are appreciative about getting a chance to show their work to the student body and the show had several participants lined up. The students Gideon Gerlt, Sarah Olsen, Brandon Moore, Aaron Bish, Liz Shine, Bailey Glover, Tiffany Chenery, Katrisha Villarante, and Caitlin Hooper have all contributed work to the show.

Brandon Moore, one of the team members in the show, explained what he thought the show brought to the campus. “The student workers here are all unique artists in their own aspects,” he said, “and this will show everyone else that hey, we have artistic talents too.”

“Basically, we are going to showcase some of the work that we’ve already completed. The premise is that we are going to show the art that we’ve been working on for the past year,” said Sarah Olsen, explaining the gallery show’s theme.

All the gallery team members have been working on artistic pieces in their spare time, the art being a way to be expressive. “Art helps me express myself in ways that I’m not able to and. I have to say I’ve always liked conveying what was in my head in a more realistic form,” said Moore.

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“It’s just working with metals that’s really great and enjoyable,” said Gideon Gerlt when asked about one of his favorite mediums of art, “and there’s something about getting something so solid and rigid and heating it up to a point where it’s like putty and dealing with it in that state.”

The gallery team is composed of artists of all kinds, but Gerlt, the gallery team manager, had something to add about the artists. “I’m not sure we have many art majors. Mostly it is just people who do art on their own time.”

“People pass through [the Student Union] for a number of different things. and the fact that [the gallery] is right here and there’s nothing else like us on campus. makes this prime territory,” said Olsen, commenting on why everyone had high hopes for the show.

“We thought it would be interesting to have a show in which we display the work that we’re doing while setting up other shows,” said Gerlt.

The show does promise to be interesting, with a line-up of several different artists and their different varieties of art. The gallery is open for viewing Monday through Friday, and anyone can come.