The Salmon Project brings new meaning to salmon

When The Salmon Project began a few years ago, it started as a way for Alaskans to share and experience salmon in a way that no other organization had the venue for. It began with public interest research about what salmon means to Alaskans and took off from there.

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Courtesy of The Salmon Project.

“A lot of organizations work doing activist work with salmon and there was a space in the conversation for a group like us to come in and create positive conversations around salmon. Create a space where Alaskans could come and learn more about salmon and learn more about the ways that Alaskans interact with salmon and celebrate the deep connection we all have to the fish.” Miriam Roberts, Outreach and Engagement coordinator of The Salmon Project said.

The non-profit organization is small, but mighty. With active social media accounts, you can find the salmon project sharing stories and experiences from all over the state in the digital medium.

In addition to sharing stories, the team also plans initiatives. One such initiative that took place last year was the “baby salmon live here” campaign. The Salmon Project partnered with over 50 organizations to bring awareness to spots enjoyed all year — spots where some might not have known that salmon are a part of the ecosystem.

“The idea that when we go out and play in the summer or in the winter that baby salmon are all around us, but we aren’t really aware of it, so it gave you a chance to see all the places we know and love and play in and see them in a new way.”

All of The Salmon Project’s initiatives aim to get Alaskans more aware of salmon in their daily lives.

“We more focus on celebrating what salmon allows us to do in Alaska. Salmon is often the vehicle we use to spend time with friends and spend time with family members and to teach our kids hard work. So it’s really at the root of a lot of the values we have as Alaskans,” Roberts said.

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Social media and digital communication have been at the center for The Salmon Project’s campaigns and projects. Allowing them to share stories from around the state to all of Alaska in the click of a button.

“We really rely on digital media and engage with people in that way. The work that we are doing can’t be done without social media,” Roberts said.

Follow The Salmon Project on their social media accounts to learn more about the campaigns, the stories and how Alaskans interact with salmon and what salmon means to them.