The Northern Light gets a facelift

In the past year, The Northern Light has been through a lot of changes.

There were times when there was no executive or managing editor; times when writers had to put all hands on deck and design, take photos and draw graphics for the newspaper; and times when staffers were still working on the newspaper at 3 a.m.

Those days are over.

Last semester, TNLers came together and became more organized and more professional. They recruited and trained more writers, photographers and artists to make this facet of student media the best it can possibly be.

In the midst of the internal growth at TNL, it came to our attention that during the staffing changes that have taken place, some elements of the newspaper’s design have become lost, forgotten or dated.

TNL editors came to the collective decision that a redesign is a great way to give the newspaper a facelift.

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So over the winter break and before school started, editors and writers created templates and ideas to create TNL’s new look.

We also consulted professionals from the field of journalism who volunteered their own time to mentor us students.

The result is what you have in your hand.

This redesign is mostly complete, but look for a few possible tweaks in the coming weeks as we decide what worked well and what didn’t.

In the meantime, keep your news tips coming and support your college newspaper in the best way you can — by reading it.