The Modern Savage host album release party to celebrate ‘Unwilling Participants’

One of Anchorage’s most well known indie rock groups, The Modern Savage, is celebrating the recent release of their newest album, titled ‘Unwilling Participants’. This is the band’s second full length album, and totals to 13 tracks. To create this album, members of The Modern Savage went a different route in the writing and recording process.

“We recorded a series of revised demos before entering the studio. By listening and reworking demos prior to recording, we were able to enter with a clearer vision for the album. It includes interludes to transition between the contrasting tonality of some of the songs,” guitarist Matt Eley said.

“There’s a focus on duality in the album. We wanted to emphasize life’s expression of these elements. We play with this graphically on the physical copy of the album,” lead singer Jenni May said.

While the band has found new methods of creating their music, they still draw inspiration from some similar sources. Artists such as PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star and Patti Smith have served as major influences on The Modern Savage’s sound, and continue to do so.

“The song “Dead Presidents was particularly hard fought for us in the studio. It’s a track I’m proud of because it didn’t come easily, and it challenged us as musicians. “Steal” is a track I’m also proud of, because I selfishly got to play alone,” May said.

Since the release of ‘Unwilling Paricipants’, The Modern Savage has been featured in multiple national publications, such as ELLE Magazine, She Shreds, NPR, IMPOSE and others. Now that they are being recognized on a bigger scale, the band hopes to tour both in Alaska, and venture down to the lower 48 to play shows to a different crowd.

To celebrate the release of ‘Unwilling Paricipants’, The Modern Savage is hosting an album release show on Thursday February 2, at Bear Tooth’s First Tap event. The Super Saturated Sugar Strings will join The Modern Savage in this show and open for them. Tickets are $22 in advance or $27 at the door, and the show goes from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.. This concert will be a great way to experience what The Modern Savage’s newest music sounds like.

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