The Modern Savage celebrates their five year anniversary

It is impressive for a band in Anchorage to become well known, produce music and play shows, but the real challenge lies with keeping people interested. Putting out new and better music, playing shows that keep fans coming out and maintaining an image that people can remember and recognize is difficult, especially when music communities are always waiting for something newer and different. The Modern Savage is a band that have made themselves known in Anchorage, and stuck around to make sure people keep knowing them.

Five years ago, the band was an up and coming indie rock group, just getting their feet on the ground and establishing themselves as a band in Anchorage. Today, The Modern Savage is a five piece group featuring Jenni May on vocals, John Cripps on guitar, synth, and background vocals, Matt Eley on guitar, synth, and background vocals, Ivan Molesky on bass, and David Devlin on drums. They now consider themselves a post-punk, more alternative band, and have since put out two albums. With five members in the band, there is room for everyone to bring all kinds of influences and outside music to help form their unique sound.

“I feel really influenced by a lot of new wave. Post-1985 pop really resonates with us too. Patti Smith, Blondie, any strong female vocalist influences and has driven a lot of what I’ve done,” vocalist May said.

Clearly the music that The Modern Savage puts out is received well by the people of Anchorage. On Friday, Nov. 11, they will be celebrating five years together as a group, playing a show at Williwaw featuring Alex the Lion as their opener. In this anniversary show, The Modern Savage will be playing original songs from both of their albums, and will even include songs off their upcoming third album, which is set to be released early next year.


“We want to play a lot of stuff off the new album, which we’ve never performed live before. That’s pretty exciting for us, especially since these songs won’t be available for a while,” May said.

“Also we will be playing some unreleased songs, doing a few covers, and playing a lot of stuff that we don’t usually do live. It’ll be fun to change up the set list a bit,” guitar player Eley said.

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Over the course of these past five years, The Modern Savage has grown and progressed in ways they never expected. From maturing as musicians, to becoming a more cohesive group, there is no doubt that The Modern Savage will continue to make more music, and maybe even expand their horizons beyond Alaska.

“In the next five years, it would be cool to see us do some touring in the states, maybe establish ourselves a little bit better down there. I would like to see our content being distributed to a wider audience,” Eley said.

The Modern Savage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and will only continue to branch out as a band. The group’s show at Williwaw will likely be one of the last before their third album release, so it will be a very unique and inviting experience for anyone that attends.