The hidden gem in Cuddy Hall

Many are unaware that there is a high-rated fine dining restaurant right on the UAA campus. Lucy’s, named after Lucy Cuddy, is located in Cuddy Hall. Created in 1994, Lucy’s is not your typical restaurant. Instead, this is an active training restaurant run by students in the culinary arts and hospitality program guided by their professors. Lucy’s is an instructional laboratory for these students and serve the best quality food with affordable prices for their guest.

The students in this program manage everything from creating the menu to preparing and serving meals. One rare feature of Lucy’s is that the menu is never the same. The students in the program are responsible for creating and changing the menu twice a semester.

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Found in the Cuddy Hall, Lucy's is an establishment run by students of the culinary arts and hospitality programs. Photo credit: Young Kim

“A unique aspect of Lucy’s is that the menu is always changing, you’ll never see the same thing twice,” Shannon McLaughlin, current student of the culinary arts and hospitality program, said.

Timothy Doebler, program director and professor, emphases that even though this is a restaurant, it is also a training facility for students.

“Please think of Lucy’s as a restaurant, but understand that it is a training restaurant and guest are really participating in a class situation when they dine with us,” Doebler said.

Guest not only benefit from Lucy’s excellent service and affordable food, but also the students benefit in experience as well. All the proceeds go directly back into the program, allowing students to continue train.

“It is a hidden gem and a wonderful and affordable food experience for our campus,” Doebler said.

Only the best ingredients are purchased for their dishes, which is easy to see why they have such positive reviews from customers. Shiloh Sexton, a student in the bachelor’s program for the culinary department, proudly promotes Lucy’s use of fresh ingredients.

“We have high-grade ingredients that are sold for zero profit, and we try to put unique ingredients on the menu that many restaurants can’t.”

Even though Lucy’s is run by students, they have one of the highest ratings on Yelp for the quality of their food.

“The chiefs make sure that nothing comes out of the kitchen that isn’t perfect, and I think that is something you don’t always see in other restaurants,” McLaughlin said.

Although Lucy’s is a fine dining restaurant, they welcome all guests from UAA students to the general public. They are aware the dining environment may be off-putting, especially for students who may feel underdressed.

“Don’t be discouraged at the very formal appearance of the restaurant and food, it is a delicious treat you won’t regret,” Sexton said.

Lucy’s wants to reach out, especially their fellow peers of UAA to come sit down and experience their student ran restaurant.

“I think it’s important to let people know that even if you’re a college student, you can still come to Lucy’s and enjoy a really good meal for a decent price,” McLaughlin said.

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This restaurant is open Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and welcome walk-ins. The Culinary Arts and Hospitality program also host the bakery cart, which the introductory baking students put on. They offer an assortment of baked goods also for affordable prices. The bakery cart is open Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

This is not a restaurant you will want to miss out on. Especially since it is right here on campus. Next time you are on campus and don’t feel like having Subway, check out Lucy’s for an exquisite meal you deserve.