The Edge Update: JBER deployment, U.S. tax plan and female Saudi drivers


Sixty airmen from Joint-Base Elmendorf Richardson headed to the Middle East to support the fight against the Islamic state. They will join 20 airmen who were previously sent over to aid and support injured troops from combat zones overseas. Those who deployed on Sept. 26 are made up of both full-time airmen and Alaskans who work full-time jobs in addition to serving. By Sept. 26, most of the 2,100 soldiers with Anchorage-based Fourth Infantry Brigade Combat Team will be headed to Afghanistan, more than the 1,500 originally expected to go overseas.


President Donald Trump announced a tax plan on Wednesday, Sept. 27 that proposes wide reform that has not been seen in decades. The plan details explicit and substantial rewards for the upper class, but lacks defining points for the middle class. Trump said that the plan would benefit middle-class workers by providing lower taxes, higher wages and better jobs. The tax cut does not have an estimated cost as of the time of publication.


Saudi Arabia announced on Sept. 26 that the country will now allow women to drive. The change, which will take effect in June 2018, is the end of a longstanding policy that brought a reputation of the country being an ultraconservative kingdom in its oppression of women. The change was announced on live state TV in conjunction with a media event in Washington. While ending the policy is expected to be controversial in the kingdom, the move has since received near-universal praise from within the United States.