The Edge Update: Gov. Bill Walker, Rolling Stone and Brexit

Local news:

Governor Bill Walker announced Friday that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, the governor says that the cancer is treatable and won’t affect his performance. “It is anticipated I will need no further treatment post-surgery,” Walker said in a statement. “This diagnosis has not and will not impair my ability to perform my duties as governor.” The governor is scheduled to have surgery next month to remove the tumor.

National news:

A jury has found Rolling Stone magazine liable in a defamation lawsuit involving an article that contained allegations of gang rape at the University of Virginia. The lawsuit was brought by Nicole Eramo, a former associate dean at the university, who said that the 2014 article depicted her as the “chief villain” of the story. Soon after its original publication, Rolling Stone commissioned a review by the Columbia School of Journalism. Columbia found that the magazine had failed to adhere to “basic, even routine journalistic practice” in verifying details in the article. A woman, identified only as “Jackie,” said she had been the victim of a gang rape in a fraternity initiation party. The incident was later determined to be entirely fabricated. Eramo isn’t the only taking Rolling Stone to court over the article- the accused fraternity is suing the magazine for $25 million.

World news:

Brexit, the UK’s exit from the European Union marches along- or does it? A new ruling from Britain’s high court throws that plan into uncertainty. According to the court, Parliament must vote to approve leaving the EU before the separation can begin. Although it’s unlikely that parliament will vote against Brexit, the decision could slow how quickly it happens. This represents a significant problem for Theresa May, the Prime Minister; she’d hoped to have the process begun by the end of March. The new ruling throws the timescale into disarray. Additionally, May had hoped to negotiate the terms of the exit behind closed doors. If the vote has to go through parliament, she will have to detail her plans and make concessions to the political interests of legislators.

Photo credit: Jian Bautista
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