The core of Dance Club shines in Student Showcase

The dance studio in the Professional Studies Building will host the UAA Dance Student Showcase put on by UAA’s Dance Club.

Photo credit: Dance Club

The production features 25 dancers of all levels, nine numbers and eight main choreographers. The whole cast has been in the process of getting the show together near every week since the beginning of the fall semester.

“It’s been nice to be able to put it together in the short amount of time we’ve decided to put on a show,” Kimberly McGrath, Dance Club president, said. “It’s nice that we still get to fulfill [our ideas] for the fall show.”

Because of recent transitions in the Department of Theatre and Dance, five dedicated dancers, who have become the “core” of UAA Dance Club, have been filling the roles of more than just dancers or choreographers.

“We’re tech, crew, choreographer and dancer — we’re dipping into all sections of technical production and it’s making us more rounded. It brings us more together as a crew and cast,” Marlee Hughes, Dance Club treasurer, said. “We’re doing it all; it’s not like, ‘oh, someone else is doing this for us, don’t worry about it.’ We have to worry about all of it, so it really tightens up everything and [we] know exactly what’s going into the show. It makes us more passionate, I think.”

The “core five” is made up of McGrath, Hughes, Stephanie Andrus, Kristal Perez and Marissa Citro.

It’s been ten weeks of hard work, figuring out the technical aspects of the production, making the dance studio feel more like a theatre and bonding with one another and the rest of the cast.

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“It’s been nice to be in the same space, help each other and get more support and be more like a family. I feel we’re more together this time,” Perez, Dance Club representative, said.

Rather than having the show in one of the Fine Arts Building’s theaters, the show will be held in the dance studio in the PSB the dancers have been rehearsing in. While a downfall is that it has very limited space, it’s been beneficial in that it allows for less last-minute changes for the dancers when moving it from the studio to the stage and allows for more of a personal setting.

The show does not necessarily have a theme, but the dancers and UAA dance professor, Jill Flanders Crosby, agreed that the majority of the numbers are “largely centered around very personal stories with a deeply intimate voice.”

“The arts have always been that place to express our voices in a safe and creative manner,” Flanders Crosby said.

The show will also host a guest artist, Amy Bukarau, who has been collaborating and choreographing with the cast for the show.

Next on the agenda after the show, the core five are headed to Utah in March to represent the University for the American College Dance Festival, a national event that host classes and performances for students dancing in college.

The UAA Dance Student Showcase will run for four days, from Thursday, Nov. 8 to Sunday, Nov. 11 in the Professional Studies Building dance studio, room 162. Shows are at 8 p.m. with the exception of Sunday’s show at 5 p.m. Tickets can be purchased for $10 at or at the door, with the proceeds going back to the club. It is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance due to limited seating.