The code behind rose colors

Roses are red, and they are blue, what do they mean, when given to you?

Dark Red Roses: Symbolically this color has always been portrayed as the deepest love possible. It holds the meaning of desire, passion, and commitment, conveying the idea of an everlasting love that can never be broken.

Red Roses: The traditional color symbolizing romance. Whether it is a single red rose, or a dozen red roses, the meaning is clear, that whoever gives them is truly in love with the person receiving them.

Pink Roses: Pink is the color that is appropriate for a newer relationship. It tells the receiver that the sender really adores them and the time spent together means something special.

White Roses: Normally associated with marriage, white roses take on the meaning of purity and innocence. It can also tell the receiver that the sender is honored to have a person like them in their life.

Purple Roses: This color is meant to represent enchantment and allure. This is why it is also said to be linked to the enthrallment of love at first sight, or continually falling in love over and over again with the same person.

Yellow Roses: These can mean friendship and happiness. Yellow roses are a great color to send to friends and family to show the joy that they bring into a sender’s life, and how they manage to brighten even their darkest days.

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Orange Roses: Orange has been thought to be linked with desire. But it also shows a certain fascination that the sender has for the one they are giving the roses to. The message just depends on who is receiving them.

Blue Roses: Not a natural shade of rose, it conveys the meaning of mystery and fantasy. A great color from a secret admirer to a person they have long felt feelings towards.