The 4th annual Anchorage 48 Hour Film Challenge pits filmmakers against the clock

It bills itself as “Alaska’s biggest, baddest, bestest film challenge.”

The Anchorage 48 Hour Film Challenge is a chance for amateur filmmakers to test their skills under unique constraints. Participating teams have two days to write, shoot and edit a short film to be shown at Bear Tooth Theater Pub Oct. 10.

Entries are limited in length and subject to required elements such as certain props, a theme or line of dialogue.

UAA Journalism and Public Communications alumnus John Norris, who is a multimedia virtuoso working at Alaska Public Media, founded the event.

“When I started it four years ago it was because there was nothing going on in the fall, and I was really into making films. I just wanted something to happen,” Norris said. “Every year since then, we have gotten more teams and bigger crowds.”

The contest has produced some spectacular entries. According to past entrant Alex Proutman, success is all about teamwork.

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“It is one of the best ways to spend a weekend,” Proutman said.

“The first time our team tried to shoot our project in 3-D. We were given the wrong screen dimensions, and it just about made everyone sick,” Proutman said.

He then pointed to future successes. He has taken part in the Anchorage 48 Hour Film Challenge for two years and recently won first place with his team at a similar event in Seward this summer.

Norris maintains the event as a way to keep amateur film alive in the Anchorage community.

“It is always exciting to see twenty different teams of people making movies all around town,” Norris said.

The contest is not without its incentives. A cash prize will be awarded to the best short film decided on by a panel of judges.

“The team that wins gets some cash and get (sic) to brag to all their friends,” Norris said. “They get to spend a weekend actually making something instead of sitting around playing Grand Theft Auto V.”


Registration is $20. Teams wishing to participate can register ahead of time via Google Forms at the following link: 

UPDATE: Registration is Full! Check out entries at Bears Tooth October 10.