Thanksgiving Day Feast to offer traditional meal for students

This year a Thanksgiving dinner will be hosted on the UAA Campus for students who live on campus and those who commute. The 20-year tradition offers a full Thanksgiving spread with classic Thanksgiving dishes such as turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce and casseroles.

The event will take place in the Commons on Thanksgiving Day between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. There is no price to dine. USUAA and Seawolf Dining Services have combined efforts and funds to put together this holiday dinner for students.

The goal is “to provide Thanksgiving dinner for both the community and our campus,” said Senator Allison Murrell, the USUAA Student Government Activities Committee representative in charge of running the event.

Concern was voiced at last week’s Senate meeting about the funding of the Thanksgiving Day Feast. This year it will cost USUAA three times more than last year.

Sen. Murrell explained that last year USUAA was not required to cover as much of the funding, but this year they are required to cover half of the cost obligations to ensure that students on campus are provided with Thanksgiving dinner.

“[It’s] a way to give back to the students,” said Sen. Kyle Yan in response to the passing of this bill.

It was also brought up in the Senate meeting that currently many students are finding it difficult to leave campus for the holidays due to the current state of the economy. Purchasing food has become a problem for many UAA students, and meal cards are starting to run out. USUAA senators said the event was designed to prevent students that don’t have family in town from missing out on the holiday celebration.

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Exhibiting the true holiday spirit, volunteer response this year has been high. Not only USUAA members, but students and community members have already signed up to volunteer. Fraternities and sororities have also made a large contribution to the volunteer work required for the event to take place.

“We have more volunteers than opportunities to volunteer,” said USUAA Vice President Michaela Hernandez.

Volunteers have signed up for decorations, leafleting and food preparation.

The Thanksgiving Day Feast will provide students with the holiday atmosphere and a large group of comrades to share it with.