Ten things to watch for in the 2011 NBA Draft and the return of Fred Durst

The NBA Draft is being held on June 23. Here are ten things to watch for on that day.

1. At one, we have Kyrie Irving. Fitting. Irving has opted out of pre-draft workouts with teams other than the Cavaliers – that’s how much of a lock he thinks he is to be selected first overall. Go ahead and root for his name not to be called at the top of the draft.


2. Weak talent pool equals more trades. Teams will be looking to move around since they have little fear of missing out on a game-changer. For instance, the Cavs are currently trying to find a way into the second spot, which would give them both the first and the second pick in the draft. Bold stuff, but there’s a reason the two is even up for grabs.


3. The team sitting at two? David Kahn’s Timberwolves. DK has no conscience when it comes to the draft. In ’09 he famously went Rubio-Flynn with the fifth and sixth picks. To be fair, the Wolves did need a point guard… So he got them two. Sit back and watch David work.


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4. The NBA Draft has delivered some great fashion moments. Tim Thomas rocked the over-sized white suit. Peja Stojakovic looked stunning in corduroy. This year, I have Donatas Motiejunas pegged as the standout dresser. He’s a Euro baller whose passion for the game is suspect. I like my chances.


5. Don’t be alarmed when the circus freak pops up on ESPN – that’s just Bismack Biyombo. He stands 6’8” and has a 7’7” wingspan. Shaq also has a 7’7” wingspan, but he’s 7’1”. Yikes. The fun doesn’t stop there: Bismack’s draft range is anywhere between two and fourteen.


6. Keeping up the “physical freak” theme, I’d like to make everyone aware of Kawhi Leonard’s hands. Hopefully ESPN has a hand-cam in play on draft day. If not, simply Google “Kawhi Leonard hands.”


7. New ads! The 2006 NBA Draft gave us Adam Morrison’s NBA Live commercial in which he declared that A) he is not ashamed of his tears and B) when he gets to the league, people will cry. Poor Adam. People are indeed crying (by people I mean me), but they’re (me) crying for all the wrong reasons.


8. Overrated GM, Donnie Walsh, has been let go by the New York Knicks. Yet, rumor has it, Walsh and his team will work New York’s draft. This means Walsh can have another horrific draft, and sell it as a screwjob.


9. Last summer, the Golden State Warriors drafted Ekpe Udoh sixth overall. This was not smart. About a week ago, the Warriors picked up where they left off last summer by hiring Mark Jackson as their head coach. I don’t think they’re finished. Josh Selby to the Dubs.


10. This is completely unrelated to basketball, but Limp Bizkit’s new album is set to drop on the Tuesday following the draft – watch for that. Durst’s mic skills are as sick as ever, and the rest of the boys are shredding. Bizkit’s back, folks.