Taylor Swift chosen for The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift has been center stage in contemporary country music for roughly five years now. Originally a Myspace music phenomena, Swift skyrocketed to fame when she won the CMT “Breakthrough Video” award in 2007. Since that time Swift has built quite the empire for herself: repeatedly topping the charts with such songs as “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me.”

Swift’s newest single “Safe and Sound” will be featured in the much anticipated movie “The Hunger Games” set to premier nationwide on March 23. Accompanying Swift in this song is the band The Civil War’s, an alternative-folk duo comprised by the talents of two-time Grammy nominated singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White.

The song is lulling and melodic with an uncomfortable sense of tragedy and remorse. It seems to fit nicely with the prospective feeling of the movie. However, Swift’s voice lacks the depth and resonance needed to convey the magnitude of such emotions credibly; a singer with this depth would have better emphasized “The Hunger Games” compelling story line and character.

All in all she has done her job well though, and the primary age group that follows her career will be thrilled. It’s just a shame that after all of these years, Swift’s range has yet to grow up.