TapRoot’s first Fall Music Festival caps off summer season

Summer may be over, but festival season is not. Saturday, Sept. 17, Anchorage’s well known bar TapRoot is hosting its first ever outdoor parking lot concert, featuring multiple well known bands, food vendors and crafters. The doors open for all ages at noon, with shows beginning at 1 p.m., and a sectioned off area specifically for the 21 and over crowd. The bands performing at the event include:

1 p.m.: Hannah Yoter Band

2:30 p.m.: Hope Social Club

4 p.m.: The Dirty Hands

6 p.m.: The Jephries

8 p.m.: Blackwater Railroad Company

10:30 p.m.: Super Saturated Sugar Strings

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Evan Phillips, Taproot’s music and events coordinator, was able to hand pick each band that is set to perform. Phillips choose bands that embodied a sound he knew the people of Anchorage would want to hear.

“We put together a pretty heavy hitting local lineup. I sat down and wrote out a list of bands, then went out and got them pretty easily. We’re all friends,” Phillips said.

Another way that makes this festival more appealing to the public is that it is open to all ages.


“It’s hard to get people to come out to shows. By making the festival all ages, there’s a greater chance it will sell out,” Phillips said when asked about the crowd expectation.

The Dirty Hands, a seven piece band that is based out of Girdwood, is one of the six acts that will be performing at the Fall Music Festival. For this band, the festival is apart of an ongoing tour they’ve been on this summer all across the state. The Dirty Hands stand out as a band because of their ability to articulate a unique sound with various instruments including the saxophone, flute and keyboard.

“We have a background in heavy blues, grunge, classical, metal, all sorts of areas,” Andrew Saden, drummer for The Dirty Hands said when asked to describe the bands direction of sound.

Not conforming to one specific genre seems to work for many local bands. The Super Saturated Sugar Strings, a six person band, puts out music that sounds like a mix of indie and folk with a jazz influence.

Logan Bean, the primary trumpet player for The Super Saturated Sugar Strings, said that the bands “musical arrangements, or lack thereof, are what make us stand out as a band. We never write anything down, we like to bring something new to stage during each show.”

Bean also hinted at a set list for the festival of almost entirely new songs, that are in the works to be recorded this fall in San Francisco. Having opened for big name acts such as The Head and The Heart and Milky Chance, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings will absolutely help make this festival something worth being a part of.

To reach out to an even larger amount of Anchorage, the festival is going beyond featuring solely musicians. There will be a selection of food trucks and vendors serving up local cuisine. TapRoot will be providing food, and will feature a beer garden for anyone 21 and over during the event. Alongside them will be vendors, including Talkeetna Spinach Bread, Pho Lena and Mint Chip to allow a wide variety of food from local businesses to choose from.

There will also be craft vendors at the Fall Music Festival, selling clothes, jewelry, ceramics and other items. All of the following attractions will come together to form a very positive energy, focusing on celebrating Alaska and the talent it harbors.

With six solid local acts and well known food and craft vendors, TapRoot’s Fall Music Festival will absolutely be somewhere everyone should be spending their Saturday at. It isn’t very often that Anchorage sees events like this one, so when the opportunity presents itself, every member of the community should want to jump in.