Tanaina Child Development Center cut is a serious mistake

Universities across the country are aiming to create what UAA has already had for decades. Let’s not fall behind, but rather continue to lead.

I was a student at UAA’s Tanaina Child Development Center over 30 years ago. The skills I learned at Tanaina as a small child have been the basis of my entire education. The fellow children I met are still some of my closest friends today. I have heard that the university is moving and possibly cutting support for this essential part of any healthy, well-functioning campus community. This would be a serious mistake with long-term consequences.

High quality childcare that is located on campus and reasonably priced is essential for young faculty, staff and students to fully participate in campus life. When I became a tenure track professor myself at a well-respected college, I ended up leaving the position in part because the school had neither on-campus daycare, nor decent parental leave.

Programs like Tanaina also give children the grounding they need to succeed in life. It is a win-win. Now that I am a parent, I realize it is rare to find childcare as high quality as Tanaina anywhere. UAA’s Child Development Center should be getting awards, not the boot.

I strongly encourage the University to keep Tanaina on-campus and to invest in Tanaina and the UAA community that depends on it.

— Monica Aufrecht

Tanaina Alumna

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