Remember that movie “Hackers” where the high school kids have a cybernetic showdown with a corporate conspiracy? Angelina Jolie was so young then and probably could not have anticipated such roles as Lara Croft in the upcoming commercial blockbuster “Tomb Raider.” Nor could the world of cyberspace have expected such a realistic integration into Hollywood cinema. The cyberspace once known to the hip hacker, now is controlled by United States national terrorists in the new digital dog day afternoon, “Swordfish.”

A manipulative psychopath, Gabriel Shear (John Travolta, “Saturday Night Fever's,”) is a United States spy who has a novel idea to heist billions of illegitimate government dollars to fund his terrorist philosophy of us against them. Shear, a model Machiavellian Prince, truly believes that “the ends justify the means” and if murdering a handful of people helps the better good then so be it.

“[Travolta] is back on his game again as Gabriel, a dark angel of destruction,” Philip Booth, Orlando Weekly, said.

Shear's heist has one slight catch, only two hackers in the world have the capability to successfully hack the government computers. With one of those hackers recently snatched by U.S. customs and the other run down and hopeless, Shear uses his sexy and very fleshy Ginger, (Halle Berry, “X-Men”) to lure Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman, “X-Men”) to hack the DEA slush fund, codename swordfish. Jobson's only passion in life after serving a sentence for sabotaging the FBI database is his daughter that he is not allowed to see. She lives in California with his alcoholic ex-wife and her step dad, a porno producer.

Hot on the trail of Jobson to get to Shear is a savvy FBI detective Don Cheadle (“Boogie Nights,” “Traffic)”. As the detective who arrested Jobson for his past offense, he knows that Jobson has more business being in California than to violate a restraining order to see his daughter.

Produced by Joel Silver, Oscar-winning producer of “The Matrix,” and “Pink Panther” producer Jonathan D. Krane, “Swordfish” is worth matinee for any action thriller fan. The special effects alone are worth making a trip to the theater on an overcast day.

“Swordfish” just doesn't live up to its protagonist…but that incredibly complex opening segment and a cool, sleek Travolta almost make it worthwhile,” Laura Clifford, Reeling Reviews said.

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