SUV parks in Anchorage resident’s home

Nadine Lefevre was rudely shaken awake last Tuesday morning, when an SUV came crashing through her living room wall, missing the Anchorage homeowner and her pugs by mere inches.
“It all happened within a few seconds,” said UAA English Professor Susan Forster, an eye witness to the crash. “It was amazing how easily the SUV plowed through the living room wall- it disappeared completely into the house.”
Forster was traveling down Lake Otis on the morning of Oct. 11, unaware of anything strange about the SUV in front of her. Suddenly the vehicle began to swerve, ultimately scraping against a concrete barrier. Forster slowed her vehicle to give safe distance to the sporadic SUV, just as the vehicle turned at a ninety-degree angle and crossed the opposing lanes, ultimately parking itself in Lefevre’s living room. After contacting the police, Forster approached the scene of the accident to see if she could be of any help, but she arrived to a relatively tame sight:

“I saw the woman in the house, still sitting in her [purple] chair with the SUV right next to her leg,” said Forster “I thought she was lucky to be so far back from the front of the room, but I heard later that she had actually been pushed back in her chair by the vehicle.” The driver was transported to the local hospital, having sustained minor injuries.

The Anchorage Police Department is still investigating the cause of the crash.