Sustainability week a helpful reminder on how everyone can help the environment

To recycle or not to recycle? Locally grown or national name brands? Sustainability week addresses both these questions and much more in an attempt to educate students about how easy being environmentally conscious can be.

UAA has a place for those who care about the environment but don’t how to help. Everyone can make a difference with their individual contribution.

“The Sustainability Club is for anyone, who’s interested in the environment and sustaining it,” said UAA Sustainability Club President Nikita Robinson.

The Sustainability Club’s Sustainability Week, which starts April 7, is an opportunity for students that fall on either end of the environmentally friendly spectrum, whether they are beginners or veterans when it comes to environmental issues.

The week kicks off with Recycle + Reduce + Reuse Day beginning at 10 a.m.-noon in the Student Union Cafeteria. There will be activities including the RecycOlympics, the green games, crafting plastic trash with the Anchorage Museum and the Chronicles of Yarnia knitting club yarn exchange. The Ecochic Fashion Show from noon-2 p.m. will feature casual, office, black tie and sustainable looks. The day will conclude with a showing of the movie “Trashed.”

Local Foods is the theme for the second day and will feature activities like an eating local workshop, and a local and healthy soup sampling with Alaska vegan and gluten-free options. The day will also feature “Food for Thought,” a discussion with Alaska Center for the Environment and Nutrition Department.

Energy Day is the theme for the third day of Sustainability Week, starting with salmon stories, where Robinson said “special guests will present their stories about climate change and how it’s harming Alaska’s favorite resource.”

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A nature walk will follow, starting at 11:30 a.m. in the Student Union. There will also be a clean energy workshop with the Renewable Energy Alaska Project.

The last day of Sustainability Week is Bike Day, where participants are encouraged to ride their bikes to campus. In the Cuddy Quad there will be a banquet that will have food, music and tips to maintain a bike.

Regardless of what one is currently doing to help the environment, Sustainability Week offers a helpful reminder that change can happen with as little as one person.

“A lot of times people hear the word ‘sustainability’ and don’t know what it is or think they can’t make a difference, but the simple act of recycling your trash can make a huge difference,” said Sustainability Club member A’Lena Sorenson.