Suspects cause disturbance at Providence, prompt UPD involvement

Just before 11 p.m. last night, two suspects were asked to leave Providence Hospital and, after refusing to leave, were escorted from the building by a private security staff.

Brad Munn, deputy chief of police for the University Police Department, said the department was notified by the Anchorage Police Department that the male suspect pulled, “what appeared to be a knife” on at least one security guard and threatened to kill him.

The woman allegedly spit on a security guard, also.

It is not immediately clear why the suspects were asked to leave the hospital, nor how many security guards escorted the pair form the building.

Both suspects were last seen walking toward the bus stop located in front of the Consortium Library, located on Providence Drive.

University Police dispatcher Pete, badge #215, said last night that the suspects are both Alaska Natives. The male is about 5’9”, while the woman is about 5’4”.  Both were wearing dark colored clothing.

Munn said the UPD was likely notified of the incident because of the proximity of the event to the campus.  He said it is not clear whether the suspects were on campus.

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He also said the Anchorage Police Department brought a canine to the area to assist in locating the suspects, but the search was unsuccessful.

At about 11 p.m., the InformaCast system, an emergency notification system that allows the phones on campus to be used as speakerphones by the UPD, informed those on campus about the event.

Emergency management associate Manch Garhart said the notification system is different than the newest messaging system, UA Alert System, that students and employees in the UAA system were invited to sign up for via their UA email accounts in late October.

Manch said that while he knows the newest UA Alert System is in place to inform people of emergencies, he does not know, nor does he control, when the system is used.

“That’s not my privy,” he said.

He said his boss, Lieutenant Ron Swartz, would know the answer to that question.

Swartz did not respond to The Northern Light by press time.

A representative from Providence Hospital, who would not reveal her name, said she could not confirm or deny the event. She said the hospital typically does not release statements about disturbances for the sake of protecting the identity of possible patients and employees.

News Editor Keldon Irwin contributed to this report.