Surprisingly vibrant ale for a Dead Guy

When in doubt, ask a waiter for one of the darkest beers the restaurant carries. But even if the darkest brew he or she has to offer is an ale, don’t turn him down. It might surprise you.

For those who almost exclusively prefer darker beers, a lighter ale typically won’t cut it. But with Dead Guy, Rogue Ales manages to pack in enough flavor and robustness to give this brew the ability to hold its own in a mixed crowd.

The deep honey color is complimented by a barely perceptible undertone of a sweet scent. The tip confirms the sweetness but is also bold and full of a malty flavor that carries well down the tongue. The taste of hops hits at the middle and blends with the sweet malt rather than taking over.

The aftertaste is what is expected of a lighter beer. It lingers in the form of an airy malt but is easily washed out by water (which will be needed after drinking a pint). It isn’t overbearing either.


Rogue Ales is a great brand of brews to explore, complete with a wide range of porters and stouts. But even if you aren’t a fan of lighter fare, don’t overlook the Dead Guy. He packs a bite of his own.

Brew: Dead Guy Ale

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Brewery: Rogue Ales, Newport, OR

ABV: 6.6%

Rating: 4