Sullivan best choice for Anchorage mayor

Former Mayor Begich left us with a $17 million budget deficit. He departed to D.C. smelling like a rose, leaving our city in the hole. Furthermore, he was well aware of this deliberate shortage. To our detriment, liberal candidates for mayor Matt Claman and Sheila Selkregg voted to approve this atrocious budget insufficiency. Why didn’t they object and act vigilantly at the appropriate time? Claman and Selkregg facilitated this huge budget shortfall and they didn’t even read all of the contracts they amply approved! We cannot trust politicians who mismanage our taxpayer money. I met Dan Sullivan at a forum earlier this month and he is conservative and will be a budget hawk. Dan Sullivan was Assembly Budget Chairman three times and served nine years on the assembly. Dan has the experience we now need to lead us through this economic fiasco. Let’s vote for Dan Sullivan for Mayor.

Dana Thompson