Students work to reduce museum fee

Would you support an addition to your student fees if it meant that you could get into the Anchorage Museum of History and Art for free, or at a reduced cost?            

That is the question that UAA students: Steve Smith, Jolene Hemphill, Shawn Hensser and Vanessa Brazfield are trying to answer. Current museum policy allows a discount for students only when their teacher has called ahead. The normal museum rate is $6.50 and is dropped to $4 if the teacher has called ahead. Steve Smith stated,

“We would like to see reduced or free admission all the time. We feel that the museum is a resource that isn't being used by students as much as it could be, and that the reduction of the fee would be beneficial to students and the museum.”

The four students are enrolled in English 212, and are doing research as part of a project for the class. The students are planning on distributing some surveys to evaluate student support in the fee increase. After getting statistics, the group would present the data to the student government. Student government would then decide if the interest is sufficient, and it could be voted upon by the student body.

According to Smith, Linda Lazzel, Dean of Students, has indicated she is willing to discuss changes. Anchorage Museum of History and Art director Patricia Wolf is not sure how many students use the current discount program. She stated that she was “In favor of any initiative taken through the University that would get more students in the museum.”

So keep your fingers crossed and you may see a decrease in the cost it takes to get into the museum in the future. In the meantime you can ask your teacher to call the museum and you get a discount.