Students pay for the cost of the student newspaper through tution

Students walking through the halls pass stands containing copies of The Northern Light. It is not an uncommon sight. Many students do not bother to pay attention to the affairs of the student newspaper. They feel as if they have no relation to the publication.

The staff at TNL would like to inform the student body that they are largely what make the paper possible. Students from all the colleges are involved on one level or another. Whether they are quoted in stories, profiled in an article or help establish an event the Northern Light covers, students are involved.

“Why should I care about any of this?” a lot of you are most likely thinking. You have no reason not to get involved on campus for one thing. Many of you will be spending four to six years here, or have already spent a few semesters walking the corridors of UAA, and through the paper you can learn important university info. It helps students to be informed members of the campus community.

Students may consider The Northern Light to be free of charge. Well, it’s not. The university media fee that you pay every semester funds this weekly publication. Students, in actuality, do pay for the paper. The media fee, while only totaling $11 a semester, can add up over four years. By the time students graduate they will have paid anywhere from $80 to $120.

The Northern Light receives only $5.75 of this fee per semester, with the other half going to KRUA. The staff at The Northern Light thanks you for your fine contribution, whether intentional or not.

Students’ thoughts are held within the pages of the weekly paper. We feature campus news stories frequently, and for every article we produce there are students behind the covered events.

For example, the article on Miles C. Brookes highlighted the student government’s aims for the academic year, while the article on Harry Crawford showcased a democratic politician that was actually able to get students to gather in a large group on campus.

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Our news section has its finger on the pulse of university affairs.

Our sports section highlights the outstanding efforts of our numerous athletic teams and addresses national sports interests as well.

Our features section delves into general interest topics that will perk any curious student’s attention.

Our arts and entertainment section highlights unique local crafts, profiles local bands and reviews movies, music, beer and games. I would like to meet a college student who does not like movies and music. That would be impossible, however, as that college student is non-existent.

Lastly, our opinion section serves as an outlet for student viewpoints.

So, seeing that you do pay for paper, it is up to you to tell us what you would like to see within the pages of The Northern Light. If you don’t like a certain article or would like to see a follow up to an article you enjoyed, send us an email or drop a comment on our website and let us know. Students have the power to shape the material of The Northern Light.

Our website – yet another aspect of the paper that your hard-earned tuition money is poured into. The staff will be working diligently this semester to update the site regularly, as we understand most people now get their news online. Even off campus, you can stay informed.

Pick up a paper, check out the website and inform yourself about the university. It is your money that makes these things possible.