Student Health and Counseling Center; more than just free condoms and cheesy sex kits

The Student Health and Counseling Center is in the Rasmuson Hall. photo by Krystal Garrison/TNL

The Student Health and Counseling Center is famous for their basket of free condoms and their free “sweet and sour sex kits” – Chinese take-out boxes stuffed with goodies like more condoms, lubricants, fortune cookies with messages that read, “no glove, no love” and pamphlets explaining the sweets and sours of sex.

“They are great about promoting sexual health in clever and helpful ways,” UAA student Leina Silvira said.

“It’s a good place for free condoms,” another UAA student said as she left its lobby, condoms in hand.

True, the SHCC is an integral resource for sexual health. It also offers an array of other services. It is a full service family medical practice that provides affordable, convenient primary care to eligible students. As an integrated clinic, they offer both physical and mental health care with a third component: health education. There is also a small pharmacy on site.

“The SHCC is 100% student funded,” SHCC director, Bette Fenn said. “If you are enrolled in at least six credits, you are paying a fee for this service and you are an eligible client.”

The breakdown can seem a little confusing. Fenn explained that students enrolled in at least six credits here at UAA are charged what is called a Student Life fee each semester through their tuition. The SHCC component of the Student Life Fee is $8 per credit. The charge will vary from $48 to $96 for each student, depending on the number of credits you’re enrolled in. The next time you review your UAA account summary, you’ll see this fee listed under the Health Center charge.

“This is a screaming good deal!” Fenn said. “You have access to free services and access to phenomenally low prices on labs, radiology and pharmacy services.”

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All mental health visits and routine, non-procedural physical health visits are free of charge. Physical exams, HIV screen tests and tuberculosis skin tests (PPD’s) are also no charge. The SHCC partners with state programs like Breast and Cervical Health Check so that they can offer free services and procedures of that nature to qualifying students.

All laboratory tests, SHCC pharmacy immunizations, x-rays and procedures are offered at only a fraction of the standard price. A procedure such as a biopsy, which typically costs anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 only costs $75. The collaborations the SHCC has formed with community business partners allow them to provide this service.

In addition to scheduled appointments, walk-in visits are available to students with urgent mental or physical health needs.

Fenn appreciates when students inquire about their services and especially when they take advantage of them.

“Our mission is to provide you, the university student with optimal health care that you can easily access,” Fenn said. “We’re here to serve you!”

For more information about the services offered at the SHCC, visit their page on the UAA website or call them at 786-4040.