Student apathy hinders campus progress

For what may very well have been the first time ever, student leaders are making serious efforts to work together for the benefit of the University and its students.

Projects and discussions undertaken have been, for the most part, around how to get students interested and involved.

For those of you that consistently read TNL’s editorial, many of them are calls to action for students to get involved in whatever way they can. Whether it is by way of voting or taking part in one of the many organizations around campus, we cannot stress enough how important it is for students to invest themselves in their campus and help it make a turn for the better.

Staff and faculty do their best to get students to care about what happens on campus and to hopefully become a part of it. But there is only so much that a staff or faculty member can do. At some point, the responsibility is on you, the student.

USUAA is a very important part of UAA. The decisions they make should generate a lot more interest from the student body than is actually generated, but this is really no fault of student government. With a student body that appears to care so little about the fate of the University and, for that matter themselves, the amount that can be accomplished by those who are heavily involved remains quite limited.

Students do not appear hesitant to complain, but they seem to be averse to taking it upon themselves to see that something is done to remedy their complaint. Those who do are forced to handle these complaints and do their best to undertake projects that address these problems. The fact remains, however, that the students working to better the campus are just that – students. Everyone gets busy with school and other life responsibilities, but those who find time to make their University better for everyone are the ones who really set themselves apart.

Do you think you have some valuable input in regards to The Northern Light or KRUA? Find out what you have to do to be a part of media board!

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Do you have a problem with or have some ideas about which performers should be brought to UAA? Join concert board!

Do you have any interest in politics or just how things are done around campus and believe you can make some valuable contributions to the campus?  Join USUAA!

This only names a very limited amount of the organizations around campus, but there are many more that you may have some interest in. Meeting times are typically once a week at most and the actual time commitment is pretty limited. But those few hours that you can contribute will help the campus atmosphere more than you can possibly imagine as an outsider looking in.

Summarily, if you have problems with what goes on around campus or question the importance of any organization around UAA, you should find a way to get involved and put your effort into changing or at least understanding it rather than sitting on the sidelines, unable to really do anything.


  1. Hit the nail on the head. Staff and faculty can only do so much; it’s up to the students to participate and get involved if they want a better or more productive campus atmosphere. Not only are there University wide organizations like USUAA and the concert board, but generally there are clubs and organizations within each department (Sigma Tau Delta and Understory in the English Department, for example). Being part of these clubs and organizations not only gives students something to do but also helps us meet people with similar interests, which leads to a more social atmosphere.

    But I’m not telling the staff at TNL anything they don’t already know. You’ve all figured it out because you’re involved with something. Now how do we get the rest of the student body to follow suit? Hmmmmmm.

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