Student Activities and Commuter Programs presents Late Nights for UAA students

Starting in the spring of 1991, Late Nights has been catering to UAA students during the last two weeks of each semester. Student Activities and Commuter Programs understands the amount of stress students face during finals week and they came up with a way to relieve some of the pressure. Late Nights takes place the last two weeks of the semester and provides various amounts of activities and food for students to take a break, replenish and get back to studying.

There is much more studying to be done for finals than any other time during the semester, so the Student Union building will open till midnight to provide a place for students to focus. Kris Morse, bachelor of science in applied technologies leadership and commuter programs manager, has been preparing Late Nights for this semester.

“Late Nights started so that students didn’t have to leave the Student Union at the normal times during finals and it allowed them to be able to stay longer and be focused on studying so that they would do better on their finals,” Morse said. “It is important because not all students have a place to stay focused on studying, so we like to provide them that space so that they are able to do well on their exams.”

Many students spend most of their time during finals week at UAA studying along with their peers. Late Nights substitutes the inconvenience of having to stop studying to leave campus and get food, which can cause one to lose a train of thought or motivation to study. Dinner will be provided during Late Nights at approximately 7 p.m. by donations made by Bear Tooth, Schlotzskys’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Caliente, Subway, Uncle Joe’s, UAA Seawolf Dining and Catering and Olive Garden. Along with dinner, there will be other activities and snack wagons throughout Late Nights.


Ana Azpilcueta, early childhood development major and commuter programs manager, has also been a big part in planning this semester’s Late Night events.

“We are going to walk around campus with the snack wagon to invite students to Late Nights, the same days the event is happening,” Azpilcueta said. “We are going to have tutors and massages available from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and drip coffee and baked goods from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.”

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These events are not only convenient but also free for all students. Veronica Campbell, natural science major, likes the idea of these activities being free.

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“I think it’s cool that they offer free food and massages, it might entice people to physically come to UAA and study more,” Campbell said.

Not only will there be free food and massages, but there will also be tutors provided for students.

“Everything we have will be for free. We have food, massages and activities,” Morse said. “This year we are trying something new and will have tutors for Late Nights, they are free as well.”

Student Activities and Commuter Programs, being student-run, understands the stress of finals week. The well-being of their peers is important and a major part of why Late Nights are essential during the most stressful weeks of the semester.

“Our main goal is to provide an environment for students to relax and not stress out too much during finals,” Azpilcueta said. “It is important because we care about our students, and we know Late Nights is an event that helps them with their finals. Also, this is an event that offers the opportunity to meet more people created by study groups, it encourages the sense of community that we are trying to achieve.”

During these last two weeks of the fall semester watch out for the food wagons, free massages, tutors and dinners provided from donations by delicious restaurants. For more updates on Late Nights, follow the UAA Student Activities and Commuter Programs Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Take a small break from studying with a snack and a massage then get back to dominating the end of the fall semester.