Stop looking for him

Hello ladies. This week I have been out and about campus asking you questions about men. The buzz on campus this week is that you are tired of dating and you want to know where mister right is. Well ladies, he is a lot closer than you think.

I found out the hard way that the man of my dreams was just waiting for me to stop looking for him. I found my husband when I was so fed up with dating that I said, ”I don't want to date another woman's son.” I swore off emotional attachments to men. If I chose to date it was for the pleasure of company. I completely took the emotions out of dating and had a great time. Three to four months after I gave up, my husband landed in my lap. We've been together six years.

The advice may sound simple and ridiculous, but it works. I have four friends in the Lower 48 that tried it. They are all happily married and each one of them found their mates within six months of giving up. Or should I say their mates found them.

A lot of you want long-term relationships and you are going about finding it the wrong way. I find that some of you are getting older and are ready to settle down. Others of you feel your biological clock ticking at 23. For whatever reason, you have put unnecessary pressure on yourself to find a man. In turn, you look desperate. A woman never wants to look desperate. When you feel desperate you will take whatever you can get; you literally scrape the bottom of the male pool. Not every guy you date will be your ideal man. After all, there can be only one. I think when we date with emotion, we set ourselves up for a fall. A couple of weeks after dating a guy, we start thinking, “is this the one?” Stop it. If he is, you'll know.

The Bible says, “A man that findest a wife, findest a good thing.” So stop killing yourself looking for him and let him find you.

`Til next week, be safe.