Stay On Track tips helpful to ‘graduating in your time’

Stack On Track's new campaign shows students holding up fingers to show how many years it took to graduate. (Photo Courtesy of University of Alaska)

In the Fall of 2011 the University of Alaska launched the “Finish in 4” campaign. The campaign was meant to focus more on college student success and encourage students to graduate in a timely manner. The campaign has evolved with the new themes of “Stay on Track” and “Graduate in your Time.”

The idea for the original campaign came from University of Alaska President Patrick Gamble. It showcases his passion for making students UA’s top priority, while helping more students finish their degrees on time.

Since the 2011 launch of the campaign, the number of UAA students taking 15 credits or more has increased significantly with an 11 percent spike in spring 2012 and a rise of 13 percent in the fall of 2012. Now the goal is to ask students to formulate a plan, set a date of when you want to graduate, and take all the necessary steps to reach that goal.


Steps to reaching your graduation date

1. Pick a degree early. Decide what you want to major in early, so that every class you take contributes towards your degree. Make every credit count!

2. Use DegreeWorks. This is a useful tool that every student can access. By using DegreeWorks students can see every class they need to complete their chosen degree. If you haven’t yet chosen a major, you can use the “what if” setting to see the classes required according to which major you chose.

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3. Talk to your academic advisor. Meet with them when figuring out what classes you should be taking in the coming semester, and review with them your academic and personal goals, so that they can show you how to best attain them.


I came into the University in 2009 certain that I wanted to major in nursing; I quickly learned that wasn’t my passion. Now in my fourth year at UAA, and my third year into my Journalism major, I will graduate in 2014. By using DegreeWorks, meeting with my academic advisor, and setting a personal goal early, I have mapped out a plan to graduate in five years.

Beginning Oct. 29, the University of Alaska will be launching a social media contest and the winner will receive two round-trip tickets on Alaska Airlines. “My Track — How many years to get your Undergraduate Degree?” is meant to encourage students to set a goal and work towards it. Whether you choose to graduate in two years, four years or six years, make a plan and stick to it, and know the costs involved in taking longer to finish your degree.

The University cares about your success, and they have given you the tools you need to be successful. Now it remains up to you to use them.

To enter the “My Track” contest and post a picture, visit Facebook or the Stay On Track contest site.