Staff picks: Podcasts

99% Invisible

Independently produced and created by Roman Mars, ‘99% Invisible’ uncovers the thoughts that go into the everyday things we never think about. Steering wheels? Drinking fountains? Flag design? Secret staircases and abandoned phone booths in the middle of the desert? The possibilities are endless with this podcast; now one of the most popular on iTunes with over 80 million downloads. You’ll come out of every episode with new knowledge on something you didn’t even know you cared about.

Cameras or Whatever

‘Cameras or Whatever’ is great podcast made by photographers for photographers. Tyler Stalman and Cameron Whitman, both of whom work at, deliver insightful conversation about what it’s like to be a working professional in the photography industry, as well as express their thoughts and excitement about wide variety of photo equipment ranging from film cameras, lighting and video gear. If these sorts of things interest you, then check out this podcast.

Politically Re-Active

Just in time for election season, comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu share their curiosity about the political process and the ever-changing landscape in “Politically Re-Active.” Bell and Kondabolu attempt to find the answers to all of the questions Americans have, particularly when they ask “why?” Why can it be so hard to vote? Why do super delegates exist? Why is dog whistling still a thing (and what is it?)? The current election craziness may be exhausting to view through mass media, but by breaking down the most confusing ideals into informative and hilarious discussions, “Politically Re-Active” hopes to open your eyes to the often mysterious elements of our electoral process.