Spring Break Web sites

1. When people say "Spring Break," they mean Panama City Beach, Florida. Located on the Florida panhandle, Panama City has over 27 miles of dazzlingly-white beaches on the Florida Gulf Coast. It's natural beauty, combined with its moderate prices, outrageous nightlife, and more liberal attitudes towards Spring Break activities (they even allow kegs on the beach!) make it the modern mecca for knowledgeable Spring Breakers. http://www.springbreak.com/pc.htm


2. Visit Spring Break Alternatives For 2001: Take A European Road Trip! There is nothing quite like a road trip, especially after being cooped up in the library studying for exams and writing term papers. http://smarterliving.com/columns/student/Spring20010101.1.html


3. Spring Break in Texas: South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, The Rio Grande Valley. Spring break in Texas generally means South Padre Island or Corpus Christi, but be careful: we hear it's no place to end up incarcerated. Those good old boys mean business! Visit http://gotexas.about.com/travel/gotexas/library/weekly/aa022500a.htm to find out more about Texas Spring Break.


4. No vacation advice would be complete without this. Spring Break Mistakes. Spring Break excitement in exotic places can turn into future worries when students return home. Campus health services see more students than usual with medical problems following Spring Break. Tattoo removal, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are among the most-common consequences. Ew. Well, we are sorry to wake you up to sad facts, but here they are, so stand warned! At http://www.studentadvantage.com/article/print/0,4281,c3-i52-t0-a23881,00.html