Spring Break Photo Contest Winners!

There were many fantastic photos making it hard to choose! If your photo is featured here, then you won a $100 check. The prizes will be ready by March 23, just stop by the Student Life and Leadership Office in the Student Union room 218 and ask for John Skelley. Be sure to bring a student ID or some form of identification to prove your student status.


Most Imaginative – Adam Martinez

Spring break for Adam Martinez consisted of high sloping mountains, brisk winter air, a camera, and some very cool sunglasses.


Best moment Captured – Ksenia Polikakhina

Ksenia Polikakhina celebrated a misty morning wedding in Whittier.


Funniest – Michelle Gonoza

Michelle Gonoza opted to try some gourmet crabs fresh from the ocean on her spring break trip to Homer.
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Best Alaskan – Whitney Tillman

Whitney Tillman spent her spring break supporting the weight of Mendengall Glacier in Juneau.


Best photo of Friends- Kevin Kremer

Kevin Kremer explored an icy airfield with some friends for his spring break.


Best group – Veronika Spry

Veronika Spry spent her spriiiiiiiiiing break in Hawaii.

Best out of state – Tabitha Bailer

Tabithy Bailer opted for warm weather on her spring break and enjoyed a relaxing swim under a waterfall in Maui, Hawaii

Best international – Miles Brookes

Miles Brookes and UAA Alum Heather Shelton took a sunset stroll in the Vatican Square in Rome for their spring break

Best single person – Kelly Bondar

Kelly Bondar jumps for joy at the terrific view during her spring break.

Best night – Bradley Feist

Bradley Feist took a night of his spring break to go up to Flattop and experience the brilliance of the Northern Lights


Runner Up – Luke Segarra

Luke Segarra shows what happens over spring break when you have several bored friends, bandanas, and quite a few Nerf guns

Runner Up – Milca Fernando

Milca Fernando shows her love of Alaska by heading to the slopes for spring break

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