Southside café provides unique niche

Nestled into one of the many cramped plazas on Huffman Road sits a café that offers a unique atmosphere, a diverse selection of brews and food and a live music scene.

Tap Root Café, an eclectic dining spot with a wide variety of cuisine choices, offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. From blueberry pancakes and quiche to cheeseburgers and sandwiches, the menu is extensive and offers something for everyone, even vegetarians.

Hosting not only a impressive wine list, Tap Root boasts a whopping17 taps that flow with both local and imported brews

The food is above par and the overall atmosphere of the café is something to write home about. Providing a beacon of hope for Southside dwellers, Tap Root provides a unique experience for those living in the area. Unlike other dining spots on the Southside, Tap Root is a special spot for locals. It provides a niche for teenagers and college students, budding musicians and anyone else who enjoys a beer and a good meal.

The café features a small dining room area and a modest platform where musicians flock at night to play. Low overhead lighting and strategically placed lamps throughout the dining room offer an amber glow; conversation seems to thrive in this dusky atmosphere. Local art is displayed on the walls and behind the bar is a large chalkboard covered with illustrations and the daily food and beer specials.

The size of the dining crowd varies, but it is not unusual to see the bar area full by 5:00 p.m. Created to provide a nook for everyone to enjoy, and it is not unusual to see a wides range of age groups dining on any given day of the week.

“We come here all the time. We just love it,” commented a woman dining with her family last Saturday night.

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Almost every night of the week Tap Root hosts something different. Tuesday nights Open Mic provides budding musicians an opportunity to showcase their music. Wednesday nights are bluegrass and Thursday night features singer/songwriter acts. Fridays and Saturdays are generally reserved for local bands, and the café is currently booked until February.

Christy Antista, a server at Tap Root, said that Southside residents should take advantage of the hot spot, because the café is currently seeking a new location uptown or midtown. However, until then, Tap Root will continue to provide a niche for those all over the city who enjoy the unique dining experience and budding music scene.

“It’s just a groovy little spot that people can come to. Tap Root has a diverse selection of beers, live music and great friends,” Antista said.