‘Soul Punk’ a catchy but trashy release

Dear Lord. This week we have yet another generic pop artist that sounds like Boyz II Men, Maroon Five, Ke$ha, Michael Jackson, or any boy band from the ’90s. He also just happens to be the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. What?

That’s right, Patrick Stump’s album is almost the sincerest form of flattery. It has all the elements of ’80s and ’90s pop, with modern day sensibilities. There is some talent behind this, however, as evidenced in the track, “Dance Miserably.” He shows that he can hold a note while displaying variations, and still manage not to completely blow it.

The album is mostly throwaway, unless you need something to play at a party, or something to cruise to, or something to check the subs on your car. Okay, that’s maybe not being entirely fair, but there is only marginal redeeming value. It’s catchy, and the production is great, but lyrically it’s a bag of hammers in a pancake house.

The one track that will make you ponder the fate of humanity is “Run Dry.” It starts with the line: “One more shot/and I’m quitting forever/cross my heart/cross my fingers.” Basically, he can’t remember what he did last night, and then he tries, and realizes that he woke up with a cornucopia of STDs and goes back for more. The chorus is a 5 step process of self destruction and human suffering, but its dang catchy.

Somehow the album holds a kind of cohesion, and manages to finish surprisingly well. The album is pretty much all trashy, but it serves a purpose of good background noise. And Patrick Stump is the male Ke$ha. It actually happened. We now have two people in the music industry who would like to say that they have narcolepsy to get into someone’s pants.