SOCCER: Teams get more turf time at APU

It has been a long wait for many students, but the time has come for another season of intramural soccer at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex at UAA.

For some students, soccer is just another activity after a long day of classes, while for others it is a way to make new friends.

“I’m just excited to get out there and play soccer and meet new people,” said UAA student Vincent Price.

Intramural soccer attracts many students with different skill levels. Some students are just starting out, and some are former high school soccer players just wanting to get back into the game.

Holly McCune is one of those students who are just glad to be playing again.

“I’m pumped because it has been such a long time since I’ve played any form of organized soccer,” said McCune.

The start of a new season of intramural soccer also brings along a few changes to the program.

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“The one new addition is that APU is going to let us play in the Mosely center in exchange for their team to join us,” said Intramural Sports Director Julie Foster.

The addition of another gym should give the students the opportunity to play an extra game or more.

“Every team will get to play seven or eight games plus the single elimination tournament,” said Foster.

With the Wells Fargo Sports Complex being so busy with basketball, gymnastics and volleyball practices along with some physical education classes, APU’s generosity is greatly appreciated. Plus it adds another team to compete against at intramural soccer.

The problem with having more teams is that making time for all of them to play isn’t realistic with the busy schedule of the facility. Every year there are students who apply for intramural soccer too late and have to be put on the waiting list.

McCune is one student who believes there should be more teams allowed in the program. “I think it’s unfortunate that there are 19,000 students here, but there are only six teams with 12 students on each roster,” said McCune.

For more information about intramural soccer, contact the intramural sports office at 786-4812.