So you didn’t see an adviser, huh?

Amid final exams, projects and anticipation the warm, bright days of summer, graduation might seem far away — especially changing majors or taking a semester off can delay how soon one can get their degree making the wait seem even longer.

But none of those reasons are good enough to not see an adviser.

Yes, DegreeWorks is a wonderful resource. It ideally helps students create a map of their education goals from the comfort of their homes.

But there are some things DegreeWorks is not programmed to do.

For instance, it can’t notify a student that the English class he or she plans to take reaches enrollment capacity quickly. It can’t let people know that a transfer credit might be accepted as a requirement for a major if an Academic Petition form is submitted. And it can’t let students know that a capstone course, a course required for graduation, is only offered once a year and cannot be substituted with anything.

Admittedly, waiting for an advisory meeting can be time consuming. Advisers are very busy people.

But when it comes to wasting time and thousands of dollars, it’s well worth the scheduling and email delays a meeting with an adviser takes.[TE1]

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Now that most people are registered for courses, what can someone do if he or she made the mistake of registering for classes without getting advised?

Meet with an adviser anyway.

Classes can be added and dropped throughout the first week of school. That’s not to suggest people should wait until the last possible moment to get their education on track, but it goes to show that minor setbacks shouldn’t be excuses to stay uninformed.