360’s made easy

Spring is here early this season, which brings us soft, snow perfect for throwing down some spins whether your backcountry or resort bound. This time of year the sun is out longer, the snow is fast and consistent (especially in the afternoon) and people are going huge. 360's are one of the most common tricks on the slopes, but are often done incorrectly.            

Before hitting the jump, make sure to keep your body in line with the terrain and/or board. This allows you to keep your balance before hucking off into oblivion. Also bend your knees and suck up the board to keep it closer to your center mass and prevent the crest of the jump from throwing you off balance.

The key to 360's is the take off. There are two things that will get you all the way around in a 360: winding up and turning off the crest of the jump. Winding up should be done right before take-off. Simply wind your upper body the opposite direction that you intend to spin. Then at take off, unwind in the intended direction while turning into it. Turning off the crest of the jump is the same as you would turn up the slope, but instead of turning back down the slope you would keep turning the same direction. With a 360 your wind up and turn off the jump should be intermediate. This will vary depending on the terrain and how much air you obtain. If you intend to do a 540 or 720, your wind up and turn off the jump will increase.

Your shoulders should be in line with your board when landing. Letting go of the momentum from unwinding allows the body and board to keep from over rotating during the landing, which will most likely cause you to crash.

However in frontside 360's you are going into the last 180 to landing blind. They are both fairly easy with practice. Good luck and we'll see you on the slopes!