Sleigh Bells offer both familiar and new sound

Nearly two years ago, Sleigh Bells came on to the scene with their highly acclaimed “Treats” album. The outcome was a loud, distorted and noisy (yet surprisingly refreshing) pop sound that suddenly made Sleigh Bells an overnight sensation.

Now in 2012, the duo of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss are back to captivate our ears with their unique blend of Miller’s emphatic guitar and production and Krauss’s sweet melodic voice. “Reign of Terror” embodies the same Sleigh Bells sound from “Treats,” but at a more deliberated pace. The opening track “True Shred Guitar” begins with the roar of a crowd that is broken suddenly by harsh strings, and Miller’s shredding guitar kicks in a powerful and energetic blast through the rest of the song.

Dark themes are also prevalent throughout the record, with topics such as death, hell and even double suicide taking center stage – most notably in the tracks “Demons,” “Road to Hell” and “You Lost Me.”

It is also worth mentioning that Krauss’s pop presence is a lot more noticeable compared to previous work done by the band. This side of her is seen the most in songs such as “Leader of the Pack” and “End of the Line.”
“Reign of Terror” is nothing close to a sophomore slump but the noise pop combo can get somewhat weary and tiring after a short while. Besides, nothing can to compare to the classic “Rill Rill.”

Recommended Tracks: “Comeback Kid”, “Born To Lose”, “You Lost Me”

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