Simple Plan — No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls

These guys belong buried in the track lists of all those teen movies of the past couple years, with fellow lite-punk sugar-coated excrements Blink 182, New Found Glory and Ultrapull. It’s more songs about girls. Girls, girls, girls _” how they ruin band member’s lives, how they make their lives worth living, how they are the focus of their potato-chip and soda-pop not-so-hard-knock existences. Musically, the group is very sound. (Like it’s hard to sing like Tom Delonge and strum four-chord phrases). But they flunk in originality and inspiration _” no cookie for you! These guys are a new M&M color _” appears exciting on the outside, but it’s still mass-produced junk food. Your tongue doesn’t know that difference between red and blue. And you won’t be able to pick these guys out of the lineup of whatever Freddie Prinze Jr. movie they first play for.