Silly songs are a delicacy in Aquabats’ new album

Exclamation points make songs epic! At least, that’s what the Aquabats like to think, and it actually works. Attacking the listener with a rap/rock/electronic/ska hybrid sound with humor attached.

The album opener, “Shark Fighter!” sets the tone for the album. The song is suitably ridiculous, and towards the end it pulls an operatic segment that surprisingly fits with the tone. Lyrically, it doesn’t really say anything except for the insane story of how the narrator became a shark fighter.

Another song of note is “Hey Homies!” with its bizarre lyrics: “Hey Homies! What’s Up? What was that? Clap Clap? We don’t need no thugs/unless those thugs was handing out hugs.”

Other song titles are “Food Fight On The Moon!” and “Just Can’t Lose!” The last of which chronicles the events of a guy that screws up all the time, but something always positive comes up.

Equally handing out laughs and catchy beats with absurd lyrics, “Hi-Five Soup!” is pretty much a win. The only negative facet is that it’s not that easily accessible.

Fans of indie-pop will love it. Others…won’t really get it.